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Jaipur - The Pink city introduces you to the colourful life and culture of its state. For those who haven't been at this place, Don't miss to have it in your Bucket List. Copyright 2018Parminder Kaur Sharma.


Should every Cinderella wait for her Prince ?

It is said , your learn something new each time you read a good text. True indeed. I was reading the Cinderella Story to my daughter, one more time. She interrupted me in between while I was illustrating the torture of Cinderella's step mom and step sisters. "Mumma, why did she wait for the Prince … Continue reading Should every Cinderella wait for her Prince ?

Stop Labelling ✋

Thankfully the ancient time was not so disorder oriented. Else Shree Hanuman would had been categorised as ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Shree Laxman as ODD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. "From Monkeying to Parenting Chapter 4" Label can be defined as a piece of information attached to an object with all its important details. … Continue reading Stop Labelling ✋


Tantrums have recently become an evolved way of communication by kids. Why I am saying evolved is because when you find some better and effective tool in your present situation, you seem to have evolved it. May be this form of communication have served their purpose better. Or maybe there is something else troubling the … Continue reading Tantrums