Steady Study

Via daily prompt study.

(In the pic above , my son with his friends , studying what to study.)

Existence is warranted by change. Every thing around us keeps on changing. Moment by moment cells within us are regenerating .

While change is inevitable, what’s in our control is to study and observe the changes around us and to make sure we are changing for the better.

I am in race only with myself . I want to grow better by studying and discovering myself and the universe. Although I find it a very illusive world . The more you know, the desire to study more and feeling, that you know nothing, increases.

I study to make myself a better parent , better spouse and a better human, than I was yesterday .

I study to check the change is progressive and not the opposite .

I am in love with studying .

Do you too feel the same or are you the blessed one to have reached the heights where the desire to know more ends ?

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Entertain all

Via daily prompt entertain.

Entertainment is an important need of emotional beings . So much that one of its kind, ever flourishing industry today, is the entertainment industry.

What entertains us ? What makes us happy ? These are some really worrisome questions the industry people are pondering around the world to provide us the best of entertainment.

Ironically , to gain the heights of entertainment some people stoop to a very low level , twisting / misrepresenting facts and mocking others and their beliefs. This may make some of us happy and entertained but is that the real meaning of ‘entertain’ ?

It should me an inclusive term applicable for all and not only for those serving our commercial process.

Would we really like to be entertained like this ?

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Morning in a Metro

Location : Delhi Metro 🚇 during its busiest morning hour .

As soon as the train arrived, two ladies with their ‘dashing’ skills and killer instinct , grabbed the seat, smashing through the crowd .

“See !! Such a heavy make up ! And look at her expensive dress !! (Pointing towards a girl standing next.)

“Where does she think is going ? Office or somewhere else !! These new generation girls are pathetic !”

And they both shook head in despair.

“So , How is Ginny doing ?”

“Oh Ginny, my poor daughter ! You know she prepare meals for the entire family and then leaves for her Office. She never had to pack her own lunch even before marriage.”

“Oh .. that’s pretty harsh on her. What’s her mother in law busy with ? These stay at home mother in laws are pathetic!!”

After a mournful pause.

“What did you bring in your tiffin today?”

“What else ? Same sabzi roti .. what else can Priya cook ? You do take a lesson from me and before you finalise Monu’s bride , make sure she can cook variety of dishes for lunch and breakfast.

Every morning all she makes is ‘Parantha’ for breakfast and ‘sabzi roti ‘ for lunch . I am fed up !! And you know now she has started this new thing – blogging. ”

“Oh yes ! She shared her post to me as well .”

“Is it ? All show off !!”

After a few stations and with fresh entrants.

“Look at that girl in green suit . Who wears such embroidery these days . Must be from some small town . Total ‘behenji’ types . Is this how you go to Office ?? This small town girls are pathetic.”

They both giggled and their station arrived.

Which lady according to you is pathetic of all ?

– Lazy and unskilled daughter in law ?

– Poor daughter?

– Cruel stay-at-home mother in law ?

– That Overly prepared girl ?

– That small town ‘behenji’ girl ?

– Or do you find something else bothering ?

Please do put your comments .

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Once upon a time ..


Sir, I won’t be able to come today. My son is not well.”

” But last week too you were on leave !”

” Yes sir, that time my younger son had got fever. Now the elder one is sick.”

” You know we have an important meeting scheduled today.”

“Yes sir …but …. actually….he is in pretty bad..”

I disconnected the call. These ladies are pathetic . Shirkers and irresponsible…need leaves for every petty excuse . Would speak to boss this time not to put any lady worker in my team and a married one with kids a big NO!

“Rahul”, I called out my assistant, “please get today’s meeting rescheduled.”

“What happened sir ? Madam again on leave today ?” He added sarcastically.

“Yeah!” I sighed.

“Moreover no body else knows all the details of this project”. I murmured to myself.

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Success in corporate world – Brilliant ideas around us !!

Via daily prompt –Brilliant

The well known ‘secret’ to be successful in corporate world is clearly mentioned in the Office campus itself , Only if we are observant enough to notice.

It’s clearly written on the entrance door, when you enter into the cabin.

Yes !! push .. Push away your fellow coworkers ..your ethics .. your values .

But then don’t be surprised if in this process, one also get pushed apart by stress , negativity, anger, hatred and frustration.

Sad but true – Newton’s third law works here too .

No , no !! I am not saying that all corporates are unethical. There is another side of the door that says ‘Pull‘.

To Pull ourself out of the illusive world of false ego.

To Pull ourself out of the trap of materialistic achievement and rise above.

Now its upto us what brilliant idea and road map we follow.

Do share what according to you is a better option ‘ to push ‘ or ‘to Pull’!!

Wishing you all a very successful life.

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Why do I write ?

My colleague with deep concern in her voice , asked me ,” you have two young kids to take care of .. a full time job.. home … husband .. so many things to manage can you even think of doing something like Blogging???”

I simply smiled to her because deep within me I knew she just wanna say that rather than to actually know the answer.

But that kindled another question within me . Not for her, but for myself, I needed a clear answer. Why am I writing ?

When I was young , my father used to tell me to practice in writing to learn . He was right as whenever I followed him I could remember the answers and whenever I choose to go the easier way , trouble occurred during the examination hour !!!

Although at that time , I never introspected the logic behind.

When you write your whole being is involved – Your fingers , eyes, brain and your mind ( yes these two are different!! I have logics and experiences to back this theory but would talk about that later ) and all other support structure of the body . It’s a holistic process harmonising you.

By writing your heart out , I gain more and more clarity . Clarity about what’s going on within me . Clarity about the way this universe behaves. Clarity about the Creator.

It gives me awareness about the tiniest things happening around . I might not understand all but now atleast I am able to be part of it .

Writing helps me spread compassion. It helps me connect with myself and with everyone else reading it .

Writing helps me focus . Although I now feel that I should also learn how to unfocus too as writing has become an addiction for me now !!!

I thank her for asking me this question because you never know where the answers might lead you to..

Do you also find writing ✍️ as exciting ? Or do you find similar rejoice in any other activity ? Do share yours ..

Copyright Parminder Kaur Sharma 2018

Rare and Forlornl

In response to Daily Prompts – Forlorn

Photo : Courtesy My 9 yo son, Kanav Sharma.

Location : Salasar, Rajasthan (India)

Description : ‘Gauriyya’, a bird belonging to Indian Habitat and close to extinction.

To be rare is precious and unique but more than that is it not sad , forlorn ?

To witness the unwarranted loss of the members of your clan.

Waiting silently for your own end.

The End, is undoubtedly inevitable but it should come only at the end then, not during journey. When your journey is simply to wait for that end it’s far more worse than the actual End .

Winners come out of that journey as well when they orient their energy towards fighting against all odds to survive.

What do you think about such ‘endangered species’ or any other life that is waiting for its end . Do share your views .

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Focus as a Funnel

‘We don’t have time for all this’ , replied my friends , while I was advocating the need , not benefits, of meditation in our daily routine.

‘We have such a hectic schedule with job, kids , home .. so many things to take care of . We are already struggling to manage all these . How can we even think about it ? Please don’t preach us any more.’

But I chose to persuade further. ‘Do you get time to go to parlour for your regular upkeep ? It’s the same . It’s for the upkeep of our mind , body and soul. If you are in harmony with your self, you would not have to manage the things around you. You would be able to perform all your jobs effortlessly.’

Like an inverted funnel, if the focus is correct and pointed it will benefit your entire periphery of life . But if you don’t pay attention on how the things are getting poured up there, how can the life around you down there benefit from it. Moreover , we never know , on getting better at the funnel focus , we might feel like having a bigger one to encompass even more for our life.

Focus like a funnel.

Do you find funnel an important part in the processing of pouring or so you think we can carry on without it also ? Would love to know your views.

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Let’s be hungry …Let’s be foolishness

While debating over an issue , my brother in law once stated something that turned out to be a universal truth. To know who is right , we both googled . I, on the pros and he, on the cons of that issue and we both got our results. He then, all of a sudden said, the results of our search are according to the assumptions we had made .

He was absolutely correct. We find what we are looking for . To know the ultimate truth our query should be open and unbiased.

We must not assume a fact and then go for searching results proving that fact .

When blinded with our so called ‘wisdom’ we often fail to notice the obvious. Remember our science class ? Every fact had an exception .

Things that do not fall under the limitations of our knowledge, we term them as exceptional or paranormal.

In reality we need to expand our horizons of normalcy. Rest everything is normal as per the design made by the cosmos.

Let us free our search of all assumptions. Let us not be fooled by our wisdom. As a learned person has said ,

Let us be hungry, let us be foolish.

Let us be hungry to know more and more despite how much we have learnt . Let us be foolish, although not dumb.

Happy exploration !!

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Peace Vs Silence

My seven year old daughter while doing her assignments, suggested ‘peace’ as the synonym for ‘silence’.

I could not agree and it led me here to share my diasagreements.

For her it could be same although I tried putting my point to her as well, in her terminology. Like , Silence is a chocolate and peace is what you feel after you have your favourite one! Now some kids don’t like chocolates , although rare but there must be some. For them , having a chocolate would not yield the same result.

Silence is the tool to achieve peace. Many of us may have a tool , say drilling machine or welding machine , but only an expert can use it. For rest of the world it’s just a machine. We may want the desired results of welding or drilling at times, but don’t want / know to use it .

Now here comes another catch- want and know . I might want something but not know it .

  • Not know what I want ?
  • If I know what , I might not know why to achieve that ?
  • And might know what and why but not know how or where to get that ?

Some of us might have experienced complete silence but did we reach to the next level ?

While I was pondering all this , my daughter interrupted , ” Why are you silent , Mumma ? Tell me is it correct ?”

I was silent for her at that time but at peace now , after having outpoured what I felt.

And this gives another direction for silence and ultimate peace . To outpour , to free yourself of all that is inside you and bothering you .

In the world today full of distractions and information overload, making yourself silent gets even more important .

The more you dive in your insights, the better you know yourself and the Creation . As You are the Creation and the Creater lies within You.

As I heard a mystic saying once , the cosmos is vast and huge beyond your imagination and at the same time the whole cosmos lies in a tiniest soil particle .

So to know yourself is to know the cosmos, the Creation and the Creator .

Silence from outer world and silence from inner clutter results in peace and that leads us to Him and at the same time to ourself , our true identity.

All we need is to follow the path of silence and stick to it until we achieve peace and the ultimate bliss . Where everything is pure and clear. No doubts no confusion .

Where silence is peace and peace is silence.

So the question still remains , is silence and peace the same? What is your answer to this question. Please do share .

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