Getting too logical ..

Kaida ... Kaida ..Akhir fayda.. (What's the use of so many rules ?) This song has been my personal favourite from my childhood days. Not only for the reason of great performances by the players involved, both on and off camera, but more because of that imaginary world where this song takes me. You can … Continue reading Getting too logical ..


Gender (In) Equality – The conclusion.

Management has a tough choice to make .. between two obvious choices may like it or not .. but that's how it is ..So, here comes the conclusion! For those who missed the beginning, Click here for part 1 and part 2. Copyright 2018 Parminder Kaur Sharma. Waiting for your comments ...

Time to Revisit God’s Creation !!

Continuing with my guest post series, introducing another Iron Lady who inspires me beyond words. Asha Desai, a woman, whom I associate with strength, integrity and honesty . She has accepted all challenges in life, no matter how tough they have been. She is a Seeker for Almighty attention, a Banker by profession and a … Continue reading Time to Revisit God’s Creation !!